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There are a few different ways to join the Veteran Advance Business Network:

METHOD 1: Click the ‘Add Your Business’ Button and add your own listing.

For desktop users, the button will be located in the top right of the page and looks like this:

For mobile phone users, the ‘Add Your Business’ button can be found by clicking the Menu Symbol which looks like this:

Once you find the “Add Your Business” button, click it and begin filling out information about your business.  When you have finished, submit the listing and we will review it and approve it!


METHOD 2: Email your business information to [email protected] and we will upload on your behalf; and


METHOD 3: Send your business information to us on Facebook at and we will upload on your behalf.

Are you a Veteran or immediate family member? Or a current member transitioning out of the military? Check our Veteran Employment resources in our new directory here!

Coming Soon.

Coming Soon.

Feel free to email us at anytime with questions and feedback.  We can be reached at our email. You can also reach us on our Facebook page by clicking here.